Welcome to ACCLER Health

Our approach to healing is grounded in the belief that good mental health is supported by three pillars and if we address all three during your healing journey you have a better chance of reclaiming intrinsic qualities such as clarity; contentment; compassion; courage; and creativity. On your journey to health, our work together will not only address what happened to you, but it will also explore the inter-connection with your physical health including gut health and lifestyle, as well as the health of your spiritual being. We find that when all three pillars are strengthened it provides a solid foundation for you to thrive.

As spiritual beings living a challenging human experience, trauma(s) appear to be part of the course as we move through life. Trauma separates us from ourselves and others, creating alienation and loneliness forming attachment injuries and disrupting our mental, physical and spiritual health. Our work focuses on healing alienated parts of yourself and reintroducing you to your core SELF. As you heal, the world around you become easier to navigate and life becomes more meaningful.

We provide individual and relationship therapy via a safe telehealth platform. We will collaborate to understand your life's issue(s) then create a treatment plan that fits your need.

We understand that finding a therapist can be challenging and finding one who feels like a good fit is essential. Allow us to help you find your way again.

Welcome to your journey Home.

Our promise to you

We look forward to a great partnership in care.

As a certified Internal Family Systems therapist (IFS) and a certified Heartfulness meditation trainer you can be assured that the most effective tools will be utilized to help unburden the past and restore balance.  

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